Miniature firearms and ammunition

1848 Colt Baby Dragoon, 1/2 Scale
French Fit Cased with Bullet Mold, Powder Flask, and Cap Can.
 Made by Fred Thacker Serial #1
$1600  Shipping in US (included).

1847 Colt Walker made by Uberti
US Historical Society 
$ 650 Shipping in US (included).

1860 Colt #1, 1/2 Scale
Made by AguIlar Sanchez
$1850 Shipping in US (included).

Uberti 47% Scale scale 1866 Winchester Yellowboy Carbine.  $1395

Featured Customer Miniature

This is a 1/5th scale Glock 17, in mint condition . It was made by Rosen Kalinov of Bulgaria. It fires 2 mm pinfire and shoots perfectly. Rosen is a very famous miniature gun maker. Only four were made with these gold plated brass grips . A total of 20 were made. Four with brass grips and 16 with blued grips, for the world, and that's it!,  This is a very rare gun. Has ROSEN R hallmark and #4 on gun. 

It  comes in a jewel case and with push rod. Shipping is included!

$500 or Trade

Contact Todd Gray @ 408-218-3895

Ball 2/5 M-1804 Bavarian Cavalry Pistol. $1250

Ball 2/5 scale M-1775 Kingdom Saxony Cavalry Pistol $1295

Barrett 1/2 scale 1873 Winchester Carbine. $3495
Urso Pin Fire Luger!